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About Means Motor  In 1970 Bob Means founded an engine remanufacturing company in his home town of Goddard, KS, after spending most of his life in the auto repair business. At the time he was in charge of running one or the largest engine remanufacturers in the country, but he wanted to do something different.  Instead of building hundreds of engines a day on an assembly line he believed building them one at a time would result in better quality and a more reliable product. In addition, he believed most engine rebuilders had too much employee turnover resulting in inexperienced people doing important jobs causing quality problems. Also a concern was that he felt most engine rebuilders did not stand behind their product but instead looked for reasons not to warranty their product.  Means Motors Inc remains family owned today. Brad Means and his wife Cindy now own and operate the business. Bob's son Brad began working for the family business in 1978 and worked in the remanufacturing aspect for over 25 years before accepting control of the company. Our engine builders and shop foremen all have over 25 years experience each in the remanufacturing of engines. We at Means Motors treat each and every customer as important regardless of the number of engines they have purchased.  Customer satisfaction is our overriding measure of success. Once we make a commitment we devote ourselves completely to meeting it. We know that our integrity is vital to our continued existence as a company and we guard our reputation in consequence. Our profitability is an end result, not a day to day objective. We look forward to a healthy balance sheet but we don't compromise on quality or service to achieve it.