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Our philosophy
To Assure a quality remanufactured engine, Means Motors Inc. has taken every precaution. All parts used or included in our engines meet or exceed O.E.M. (Original Engine Manufacturers) specifications. Listed below are the procedures and parts included in our engines:
All blocks are cleaned; includes all oil galleys and water passages
New camshaft bearings and freeze plugs are installed
All blocks are bored and finish honed
Crankshafts are re-ground and polished
Connecting rods are reconditioned
New pistons are installed
New rings are installed
New rod and main crankshaft bearings are installed
A new or reconditioned camshaft is installed
New timing chain and gears are installed (where applicable)
Long blocks include all the short block treatment
Heads are oven bake cleaned to assure removal of all carbon build up
Heads are shot blasted and magnafluxed to check for possible cracks
Head Castings are surfaced
All guides are replaced with new cast iron guides (never knurled)
A three-angle valve job is performed
New or reclaimed valves are installed
Heads are installed on short block and torqued to specifications
A complete gasket set is included
A new oil pump or oil pump kit is included when available
New Hydraulic or Roller lifters are installed
Push rods and roller arms are installed when practical